Why Create An ATS-Optimized Resume?

28 August 2023
 Categories: Business, Blog

Some employers use automated resume screening software. These Applicant Tracking System (ATS) tools scan and filter initial applications.

While you might already have a regular resume, it is worth creating a separate ATS version for any companies that use this software. How are ATS-optimized resumes different? Why should you use one?

What Is an ATS-Optimized Resume?

ATS software helps employers make a fast and labor-free first screening pass on their applications. Its convenience and filtering speed make it a useful tool for both small and large companies.

When you send your resume to an employer, the software scans the document. It will match key data on your resume to the job's filters. So, for example, it will look for keywords that match the original job description and requirements.

ATS resumes don't look like regular resumes. They look like a page of text. For example, they typically follow a plain linear layout. They use standard fonts, simple text formatting, and set sections. You don't use designs or styles that might confuse the software or mask an achievement so that it won't scan. These resumes shouldn't contain photos, headers, footers, text boxes, charts, or diagrams.

If you pass this initial screening stage, then you'll move on to the next hiring stage. If you don't, then your application is likely to be turned down, even if it hasn't been assessed by a human recruiter.  

Why Create an ATS-Optimized Resume?

If you don't submit an optimized resume to an ATS system, then you reduce your chances of getting through the first screening. Some systems might insist that you follow this format before they accept your document; others will let you upload a regular resume. However, it might not work for you.

This software doesn't read your resume in the traditional sense. It scans the document to find keywords and data that match the input filters for the job. These filters can also include qualifications, job titles, and previous work experience.

If you don't optimize your resume for every ATS-screened job, then you reduce your chances of getting past this basic application stage. This software doesn't care how you or your resume look. It only cares about matching its filters. An optimized resume ensures that you meet as many of these filters as possible to boost your chances of getting through to the next hiring stage.

If you need a fast and effective ATS resume, contact local resume writing companies. They can also help you create a regular resume if you don't have one yet.