Here's What To Consider When Buying Print Folder Gluer Machines

7 July 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog

Print folder gluer machines are essential for the safe and efficient packaging of goods in industrial processes. They also help design materials such as corrugated paper and cardboard that you can pre-brand and use to advertise a business. Folder gluers come in various sizes, models, and shapes, and you should make the correct choice to get a device that suits your needs. Below are some factors to consider when buying commercial print folder gluers.

Productivity and Volume Requirements

The output of industrial equipment is important to ensure it meets your operational target and satisfies client demands. A print folder gluer should have the speed, delivery conveyor exit, and feed tray capacity that matches the dynamics of your facility. For instance, if you run a continuous production process, choose one with a high inch-per-minute rating and a larger continuous feeder to ensure continuous production in large volumes. Moreover, productivity requirements will also guide you into choosing equipment based on their powering system to enhance efficiency. For example, an automated folder gluer would be ideal for repeat operations after several runs. It will be excessive wastage if an operator has to stop an ongoing machine job to set up a new order of operation. 

Ease of Operation and Safety

When buying any equipment for your business, one of the critical things to consider is their user-friendliness and whether they pose any dangers to operators. Before choosing folder gluer, you should check for features that enhance ease of operation to avoid mistakes and injuries in your business. That also means you won't incur the cost of hiring specialists to train your staff and delays before commencing your operations. When evaluating ease of operation, check if the equipment has features like setup guides for maintenance procedures, tutorials on setup, batch counters, and whether the folder plates allow micro-adjustments. Also, check safety features like emergency stop buttons and guards covering blades. 

Reliable Service and Support 

Print folder gluers wear and tear over time and may experience technical problems like any other industrial equipment. When buying one, you should consider the reliability of support services from the supplier. A good supplier should offer favorable warranties conditions. They should provide free pair or replacement services in case of any faults while operating the equipment over a certain period. Additionally, they should have reliable customer care service in case of clarification, complaints, or guidance when using the equipment. Moreover, it is also essential to consider whether you have skilled technicians in your company who can offer quick support services in case of a breakdown. 

Take Away

Are you looking for print folder gluers for your operations? Consult a local supplier for more information and guidance in choosing the best equipment based on your needs.