What You're Looking For In A New Business Printer

13 May 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog

Whether you are wanting to buy a new business printer so you can have newer appliances or you're unsure if you need a new printer or not, investing in the right printer is key. There are several types of printers you can invest in and you need to decide which type of printer works best for you. Here's a guide to help you out.

Ink quality

When it comes to a printer, the printer itself is not the big-ticket item. The major costs go into ink. For this reason, the quality of the ink matters, even if it means shelling out more for your professional business printer in the first place. When looking at printers,  check the box to see how many color pages and how many black-and-white pages a printer can do before running out of ink. Quality ink should last for many pages.

Quality ink means more than just how crisp and clear the ink is on paper, it's about how far a single cartridge can take you. Choose a printer that has long-lasting ink or a printer company that has an ink purchasing or subscription program to make using your printer over and over again without major costs easier than ever. Some printer ink cartridges are even refillable, which can make things much more convenient for the workplace.

Printer speed

When printing documents, you need them yesterday, so a printer that can print super fast is an important quality to have, even if it means a bigger investment. Your printer specialist will show you several types of printers that work well in the office so you can compare the speed and ease of use of many different styles.

Speed in the printer isn't just about the printer. If you are buying a printer that can also scan, copy, and fax documents, you need to see how fast these functions are as well.

Printer ease of use 

If you don't want to have to push several buttons just to print a page or make a copy, you need a user-friendly printer option for the office. Perhaps the best way to achieve this is by going to your local printer store and testing out printers on display. This way you can see where the buttons are and what the touch screen options are, if available, and choose the type of printer that will work best for your needs overall.

Contact a printer supplier, such as Mei Computer, for more information.