Which Mold Test Should You Get?

21 May 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

Mold testing is an important service that can help inform you on how best to keep your home in good condition. Whether you are looking to sell your home or just wanting to prevent any potential health hazards, mold testing should be done whenever you suspect something growing in your house. But there are a few things you should know about mold testing before you make your decision so that it is as informed as it possibly can be and you make the right choice. Here is a little bit more information on the world of mold testing.

Two Types

There are two major types of mold tests that you can have done. One is a simple binary test that will give you a simple yes or no answer as to whether mold is present. The other is a more informative test that doesn't just let you know if there is mold around, but what exact type of mold is in the building and further information on how to deal with it. Obviously, most people will want to have an idea of the specific threat they face, but there are good reasons why one might only get the basic yes or no test.

Having A Hunch

There is something a little bit inexplicable about the presence of mold that many people can just recognize, even if they can't see it. The room itself will feel more clammy, there might be a change in the odor (not a bad one, but a slight difference that someone with years of experience could pick up), and so on. In these instances, when the mold is hidden from view (either behind something or on the inside of the wall), the initial test to find out whether you have mold or not is very important and can save you a lot of time worrying.

Finding Out What To Do Next

If you have a professional come and do the mold testing for you, then they can immediately begin initiating the process of treating the mold. Whether that is a chemical treatment or the removal of certain materials, they can get started right away. If the mold is a little bit more hazardous than you were expecting, you may be asked to leave or at least cordon off the room that is affected. Even if you conduct mold tests on your own, always make sure to complete the next steps of organizing for mold removal. Do not let it fester and hope for the better.