Tips to Ensure Your First Attempt at Well Drilling Remains as Safe as Possible

13 April 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog

Is your company thinking of installing a water well on its commercial property? Perhaps you are running a nonprofit that helps install water wells for those in need? The easiest way to drill a new water well is to hire professional help, but if you will be trying to install one yourself using your own equipment or local volunteers, it's important that you work to ensure a safe environment for everyone on or around the drilling site before you begin. Here are some water well drilling safety tips to keep in mind.

What You Wear Matters

Well drilling requires the use of multiple pieces of equipment that will be in motion throughout the process. Some of this equipment can be dangerous if it's not handled properly. You probably already have enough sense to know that everyone on the site should at least be wearing safety glasses, a hard hat, and hard work shoes. But if you have volunteers coming out to help you because it's a charity project for someone in need, make sure everyone is wearing the right attire, and that also includes no loose clothing. You don't want someone's baggy pants or loose shirt to get caught in a piece of equipment while it's moving or spinning around.

Rope Off the Work Site and Use Signs as Needed

If you are drilling in an area where it's at least possible for a pedestrian to walk by or if there will volunteers moving around all day, you need to make sure you have the drilling site itself roped off as much as possible. If someone makes the mistake of walking onto unstable land or even too close to the well itself, this could lead to a serious injury or even cause a shift in the soil that could undo all of your work and send you back to square one.

Leave the More Complex Equipment to Those With Experience

If you will be digging part of the site up by hand before turning on the heavy equipment, that's a job that the average volunteer can probably handle without a problem. Everyone knows how to use a shovel. But when it comes time to turn on the high-tech or heavy equipment and start drilling deep into the ground, make sure you have an employee or a volunteer on-site who has previous experience with this task. It only takes one mistake for significant property damage or injury to occur and then your project will be shut down.

Get Professional Help

Whether you are building a well for your own needs or installing a well for someone in need as part of your nonprofit or charity work, it really might be best to just hire a local water well drilling company to help you from start to finish. This will ensure the well is installed safely and without any potential issues that might cause problems in the future.