A 49Er Themed Gift Basket Adds To A Great Birthday Celebration And Football Watching Sunday

11 September 2020
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Sitting down in front of a flatscreen TV to watch NFL football remains a Sunday ritual for millions of people. So does ordering pizza and wings to go along with the festivities. Is there ever a time when changing up the snack and food offerings makes sense? If there's a huge San Francisco 49er fan in the midst who is also celebrating a birthday, then a 49er-themed gift basket could add something special to the event. After all, it is a gift basket, and persons celebrating their birthdays do expect gifts. And they may expect others to share in their NFL franchise enthusiasm. This particular gift basket may help on both levels.

Adding Something Special to the Day

If there were a top reason for purchasing a gift basket, it would add something special to the event. And a birthday is supposed to be special. Cutting salami and cheese squares on a standard plate shows thought, but buying a high-quality gift basket would add something special to the event. Once the birthday guest sees the gift basket, they know the people throwing the celebration put some thought into making it special. Nice touches like a gift basket may not seem like a huge gesture, but they could have a dramatic effect.

A Prelude to the Awesome Dinner

Fast food might be fine for a traditional Sunday of football watching. Perhaps a special meal, such as prime rib or BBQ shrimp, seems better for someone enjoying their birthday. Snacks serving as a prelude to a fine meal should be equally acceptable. The choices in a top gift basket could provide the perfect match. A combination of fine olives, cheeses, and crackers makes for better options than pretzels and potato chips. Such choices are also slightly lighter, which may prove preferable when the main course is heavy.

A Little Dessert Support

Of course, the dessert at a birthday party will be a celebratory cake. A gift basket could deliver some added support to the dessert. The gift basket might come with NFL-themed chocolates. Why not add a chocolate square to the top of the cake slice? Eating the chocolates alone is another option, and maybe that could be the plan a couple of hours after dinner ends, and the football festivities continue.

Give yourself enough time to order the gift basket so it arrives before the celebration. Placing it in the refrigerator could make sure the selections remain fresh.