Here's What To Expect As A Shaklee Distributor

11 May 2020
 Categories: Business, Blog

Becoming a Shaklee distributor is a business opportunity that offers freedom, convenience, and the ability to make a living on your own terms. You'll need perseverance, determination, and a winning attitude to success as a Shaklee distributor. These are a few things you can expect as a Shaklee distributor if you're ready to grab the horns and start running your own business:

Make Money Without Leaving Home

Shaklee is set up for their distributors to be able to work strictly from home. You don't have to host any in-person parties or head to any sales conventions, trade shows, or farmer's markets. You can connect with potential customers and sell your Shaklee goods while lounging on your couch or when working inside your home office depending on your situation and preferences.

You can set your own hours as you will never have anyone to answer to. And, if customers have questions, then you get to decide how you want to interact with them, whether that's through social media, phone, text, email, or virtual meetings. But of course, you can always take your Shaklee business offline and interact with customers in person. The choice is yours!

Customize Your Business Plan

Shaklee offers so many different types of products that it is easy to customize your business as you see fit. There are a variety of product categories that you can pick and choose from to create a customized product catalog to focus on when promoting. Some options to consider include:

  • Household Cleaning

  • Weight Loss and Maintenance

  • Water Filtration

  • Beauty

They also offers a wide range of nutritional products that are designed to improve and support a healthy lifestyle. You can decide what products you want to try yourself and promote to potential customers.

Enjoy Sales Tools and Support

You can also expect to receive valuable tools and support while working as a Shaklee distributor over time. To start, you will be provided with a personalized website that does all the hard work of promoting the products for you. You'll have access to training materials that will help you grow your business and create a solid income.

And, you will be able to tap into powerful marketing materials such as emails, social media engagements, and online videos that can be used to gain customers and establish a reputation as a leader in the industry. Although you'll have full control over your home business, and you'll work alone most of the time, you will never be alone when it comes to support in the background.

To learn more about a Shaklee Business Opportunity, contact services in your area.