Three Reasons To Monitor Files Through Automation

27 February 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog

As a business, it can be difficult to keep your eye on everything 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Though there are limited hours in the day that you can keep your own eyes on the system, you will be able to have IT automation services that can aid you in this task. One of the tasks that you will need to automate is keeping track of your files. You will need to have constant supervision of your files to make sure that important items are stable within the system. Here are three reasons to monitor files through IT automation services. 

You can check to see if files are moved or duplicated

Depending on the security of the file, you will need to know if the file has been copied or moved. Files such as company taxes, personal information for employees, or trade secret information should not be copied or moved in the system in any way. By having an automated system, you will be able to get minute-by-minute updates on what is happening with private files. You will be able to see which employees or workers have opened, changed, or otherwise altered any of the files. 

You can make sure that files are unable to be deleted

Deleting files can happen by human error, or it can happen due to a system issue with the computers or files. If an error has caused a file deletion, you can receive an update. The IT automation service should have the option for file recovery during a certain amount of time. This will give you and your IT team the opportunity to recover any lost files and fix any system issues that are occurring to cause file loss. 

You can determine others are accessing your files

For any business, there needs to be a security system for files. This should mean that employees need to be logged in with their employee number and passcode. Many companies have vulnerabilities that can lead to the system getting hacked. Your system should record and log any attempt to access your system, whether successful or unsuccessful. If your system has been hacked, you will have the IP address or the information that the hacker used to gain access. If those who are not authorized are somehow able to log in, you can fix the vulnerabilities that allow access to your system with the logged automation information.