Picking Out The Best Promotional Products For Your Business

1 August 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

If you own a small business, you may have contemplated handing out promotional products to potential customers at trade shows or exhibition events. This is a wonderful way to expand your client base by getting your business name and address out into public circulation. Here are a few tips you can use to ensure the products you select will be seen by several people in an attempt to get several new customers as a result.

Select A Product With Meaning To Your Business

When you select a promotional product, think about using an item that has meaning to the type of business you conduct. For example, if you sell pet products, give away a product like a magnet in the shape of a dog with your company name inscribed on a collar. If you own a bakery, give away a set of measuring cups with your business' name on the handles. This will help those receiving the products to associate them with your specific business when they use them.

Consider Products That Travel Into New Areas

Promotional products that are worn will get views from people outside your normal demographic area. This will allow you to advertise further from your establishment's current location, perhaps drawing in customers from afar. Giving away hats, shirts, jackets, or bags with your business name, slogan, logo, and phone number upon them is a wonderful way to advertise in new areas. People tend to use these products as they are worth quite a bit more than customary key chains or pencils. Since the products are larger, you will be able to fit in more information on the space on each item as well.

Give Out Usable Items In Bright Colors

People enjoy receiving products they will be able to use often instead of those they will stuff away in a drawer because they don't serve a purpose regularly. Purchasing office supplies with your business name imprinted on each item is a great way to ensure people will see your information as they will be utilized daily in the workplace or at home. Flashlights, sunglasses, or calendars are also useful items most people will grab to use during daily tasks if necessary. When selecting products to give away, choose colors in bright hues. These will stand out, making people curious to see what is printed upon them as a result. They are also easier for customers to find when they are kept among other items. Contact a supplier, like Keeton's Office Supply, for more ideas.