Repairing Your Business's Sidewalk: Tips For You

14 June 2016
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As a business owner, there are many tasks that are your responsibility. And, if the sidewalk in front of your building is in disrepair, you may wonder what you can and should do to get it taken care of. Because you have a limited budget as a small business owner, doing the repairs and work yourself rather than hiring a construction company could be your best option. If that is your plan, get to know some of the steps that you should take so that you can get the best results possible on your sidewalk repair project.

Determine What Types Of Repairs Are Needed

The first step to take in your sidewalk repair project is to determine the types of repairs that your sidewalk needs. If there are a few minor cracks that you would just prefer to take care of before they become a larger problem, then you may be able to just fill the cracks rather than make larger repairs.

However, if your sidewalk is uneven, the cracks are large, or there are pieces of the sidewalk are missing, more extensive repairs may be necessary. For these sidewalk problems, you will likely have to break up and remove the affected concrete slabs entirely and pour new concrete in their place. Knowing what types of repairs you will need to perform will give you a better idea of the time, supplies, and equipment you will need.

Filling Small Cracks With Concrete Filler

Small and minor sidewalk cracks can be quickly and easily filled with concrete filler, also known as a concrete patch. To do this, you will also need the following:

Caulking gun


Handheld broom or brush


Safety goggles


To fill the cracks in the concrete, you will need to first brush or clean them off to get rid of dirt and debris. Then, you will use the caulking gun to fill the cracks with concrete patch or filler. Use the trowel to smooth the surface of the crack and allow it to dry for 24 hours. When it is dry, coat the crack in sealer and allow it to dry again.

Taking On The Larger Repairs

Removing concrete slabs and replacing them can be a more arduous process, but it is still doable if you know what equipment and supplies you need and you put some good old-fashioned effort into the process. The supplies you need will be:

Jackhammer or demolition hammer

Safety goggles and gloves


Concrete mixer

Concrete mix




Straight Edge

Concrete sealant

First, you will need a jackhammer or demolition hammer to chip apart the concrete slab to make it movable. You can get these items through a construction equipment rental company like LAX Equipment Rental, which will save you money and allow you to get high-quality equipment to complete your work.

Once you have taken care of the old concrete slab, you will need to build a frame for the concrete. For this, you can use pieces of plywood cut to fit the space. Then, the time has come to mix and pour your concrete. Renting a concrete mixer will save you time and energy in this process as it spins and mixes up the concrete for you. Otherwise, you can use a wheelbarrow and shovels to mix the dry concrete mix and water.

Pour the concrete in the mold and smooth it out with a straight edge. Keep the newly poured concrete blocked off until it is dry, usually 24 to 48 hours. Seal the newly poured concrete. Once it is dry, your sidewalk will be as good as new.

Now that you know the steps you can take to repair your business's sidewalk yourself, you can be sure that you get your project started as soon as possible to keep your business exteriors safe and looking great.