3 Mistakes Commonly Made When Using Storage Units

6 May 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

Packing up your belongings to place in storage seems like a relatively simple task, but there are mistakes you can make that complicate the problem. Just one mistake could lead to damage to the items that you have stored. To help you avoid the potential for damage, here are some commonly made mistakes and how to avoid them. 

Wrapping Belongings With Newspaper

Most people use newspaper to wrap belongings, such as dishes, when moving. When the belongings are unpacked right away, it is not a big problem. However, if you are moving the items into storage, using newspaper can lead to damage. 

As the weather fluctuates outside, the humidity levels inside of the storage unit can rise. The increased moisture from the humidity can lead to damage of your belongings. The ink from the paper can smudge and permanently stain some items. 

Instead of using newspaper, look for wrapping paper that is ink-free. You can purchase it through a moving company or at a local paper supply company. 

Renting an Unit That Is Too Small

When it is time to pack your belongings into storage, you might find that the space is not large enough for all of your items. If you try to stuff the items into the space, they could be damaged. 

Determining how much space you actually need when renting the unit can be challenging, but it is possible. Start by measuring the largest items that you plan to place into storage. Once you have the measurements, start thinking about how you want to stack the smaller items on top of the larger ones. 

Draw out a plan if needed. You can use those measurements and your plan to determine what size storage unit will be needed. 

Waiving the Rental Insurance

A secure storage unit usually has an access gate with a passcode required for entry. Some companies even employ security guards to help ensure the storage units are safe. Regardless of the measures that the companies take though, there is a slight possibility that the unit could be compromised. 

If that is the case, you need insurance to help replace the items. Waiving the insurance could mean that you will be responsible for replacing the items. 

Insurance also provides protection from more than burglaries. If anything happens, including water getting into your unit and damaging your items, you can file a claim with the insurance and replace your items. 

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