Thinking About Starting A Private Club Or Country Club? How Private Club Consulting Services Can Help

27 April 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog

Starting a private club or a country club is an exciting business adventure. You may want to start a club for the exclusivity and wealthy members it brings, or you may want to start one as a means to hobnob with a select group of people. The question is, how does one get a club going? This is where a private club consulting service can be of assistance. The following article highlights many of the services provided by this type of consultant and how the consultant can help you get your club started.

Deciding on a Location

Will your club meet in newly-constructed buildings, or will it be established in very old buildings (like the Freemasons)? Sometimes the location of your country club says a lot about it, and since you are trying to establish a private "country" club, you may actually want to establish it in the country or on the outskirts of suburbia. Your private club consultant can help you decide where you want to position the clubhouse, and then help you find pre-established buildings and/or available properties on which to build a new club.

Rules and Regulations for Members

Every private country club currently established has a long list of rules and regulations for its members to follow. While you may have some basic ideas in your head of what rules you expect your members to follow, your consultant can help fill in the blanks in case there are allowable exceptions to the rules. Your consultant may also, upon your request, help you draft a member's guidebook or handbook, detailing rules and regulations as well as helpful information regarding sponsored activities and events in the club. In addition to creating your rules/regulations/guidebook, your consultant checks with local laws and ordinances to make sure your specified exclusions do not violate any of these laws.

Deciding on Exclusive and/or Specific Club Activities

Some private clubs are all about yachts and yachting. Others are about golf or horseback riding. Some more private country clubs offer a wide variety of activities and special events for their members. Before you start recruiting members, consider which activities you want to focus on and/or include. Special events, such as fundraising galas or charity balls, may also be something you wish to include in your annual calendar before you open your club. Your private club consultant can help you narrow down or broaden the scope of activities and then figure out what a reasonable charge for membership would be that would cover the costs of these activities as well as turn a profit for the club.