Essential And Optional Accessories For A Standing Desk

22 October 2015
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Standing desks are increasingly popular as people become more aware that sitting for many hours throughout the day isn't healthy. If you're planning to buy a standing desk, you'll want to include certain accessories as well. Some are essential and others are optional. Consider some of the products available to buy along with your new office desk.

Essential Accessories

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Cushioned floor mats are important for people who stand a great deal of the time at work. It's best to choose a mat specifically designed for this purpose. They are provided in various sizes and in materials such as vinyl, vinyl foam, polypropylene and rubber. Depending on the product you choose, you may be able to color-coordinate it with the rest of your workstation and office.

Standing Desk Chair

Elevated chairs for the workplace are available in different styles. You can get them in a design that's essentially an elevated office chair, or in a more streamlined style that's commonly preferred by medical practitioners and workers who do drafting.

Another type is less of a chair and more of a support prop. It's made of a stand with a cushioned area on top. Instead of sitting down on the cushion, you lean against it for support when standing becomes tiring.

These devices allow you to shift positions without having to change workstations. It may be unrealistic to expect to stand for all the hours of your workdays, especially at first. In addition, you may find that certain tasks are much easier when sitting. 

Suitable Shoes

You probably realize that the average dress shoe may not be comfortable when you're standing for many hours a day. Athletic shoes are suitable for many individuals who stand much of the time. Some people find that high-end moccasins are comfortable, while others don't like the lack of support.

Another option would be to buy medical shoes designed for health care practitioners such as surgeons and nurses. These generally are slip-on styles and clogs that provide support for the body in a standing position. You may appreciate the slip-on characteristic if you can kick off your shoes sometimes while working.

Optional Accessories


Footrests normally are considered accessories for desks at which workers sit, since elevating the feet offers better comfort. They're useful for standing desks as well, because they allow you to put one foot up and bend your knee. Changing your standing position occasionally will be easier on your feet, legs and back. Another option is to use a low footstool or step stool. 

Foot Rockers & Rollers

Foot rockers are sturdy devices that rock up and down like the base of a rocking chair. There are two panels on top; the heel goes on one panel and the base of the foot on the other. The equipment allows the user to stretch the foot and calf muscles by gently rocking the device back and forth. 

Foot rollers are cylindrical tubes that you can roll your feet over to stretch the foot and calf muscles. Textured versions provide a foot massage if you take your shoes off.

Exercise Equipment

Easily moved exercise equipment that fits under the desk provides some activity aside from standing in one place. An indoor bike trainer, for instance, allows you to set the back wheel of your bicycle on a stand so you can pedal without going anywhere. 

Concluding Thoughts

When you begin shopping for your standing desk and workstation accessories, you'll find a variety of products available. Take your time and have fun with the shopping process as you make this effort to improve your health and fitness. For more information and help selecting the right accessories, contact a professional office furniture store such as D&R Office Works Inc.