5 Reasons To Take A Taxi To & From NYC Pro Wrestling Events

24 September 2015
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New York City is filled with live events on a nightly basis, and many times throughout the year, pro wrestling takes the stage at venues like Madison Square Garden. If you plan on attending a live pro wrestling event in the city, one of the logistics to figure out is the transportation. Instead of taking your own vehicle or using mass transit like a bus or subway, a personal taxi service is one of the best options. There are five reasons to choose a taxi over other forms of transportation, and each one caters to the atmosphere of a pro wrestling event.

Quick Exits

Unlike a football game or basketball game where fans leave early due to scores changes and other factors, a pro wrestling event ends right after the main event. This means that a majority of fans will head for the exits at the same time. When you ride in a taxi, you can have the vehicle ready for pick-up right outside the arena. This prevents extra waiting time and allows you to skip past the long lines of traffic found at the exits of parking lots and garages.

Scheduled Times

When a lot of people are leaving an arena, buses and subway systems can easily fill up. This can cause delays, long waits, and extra time spent outside the arena. Waiting in a taxi line can even take extra time. By booking a taxi ahead of time, you can estimate the end of the event and have the vehicle ready for pick-up. You will receive the exact taxi number and location so that it is easy to find when the event ends. This process will get you out of the heavy traffic areas and back to your destination a lot faster.

NYC Tolls

When you're attending a live wrestling event in the New York City area, you could end up paying a lot of tolls to properly drive there. Tolls located at bridges, state lines, and large thruways can quickly add up and be charged in both directions. Instead of paying the extra costs and putting extra miles on your car, you can invest the money in a taxi ride. This allows you to relax, get pumped up for the wrestling, and save money on the toll costs.

Wrestling Souvenirs

When attending a wrestling event, there's a good chance that you'll be leaving with some souvenirs. Posters, action figures, DVDs and t-shirts are just a few of the products that you can purchase while enjoying the festivities. Carrying all of that out from an arena can be a hassle, especially when you have multiple bags and your transportation is a  away. When a taxi cab pulls right up to the arena, you have the ability to hop in with all your belongings and enjoy them right away.

If you're lucky enough to take home a wrestling souvenir chair, then a taxi makes things really easy. For many wrestling promotions, special chairs are given out to ticket holders for the first rows in attendance. Instead of lugging these chairs through a parking garage or carrying it on a crowded subway train, you can place it right in the trunk of a cab and be on your way.

Social Media Posts

Social media provides a great outlet for wrestling fans and performers to connect on the day of an event. By using a taxi service, you can relax, use social media and post about the event. This allows you to follow story line updates from wrestlers, learn about meet and greet sessions, and meet up with other fans at the arena.

A lot of taxis now offer wi-fi service while traveling in a taxi. This gives you high speed connections without giving up any of your cell phone data. Some of the wi-fi is completely free while others offer ad-enabled wi-fi that displays short ads during your time on the internet. Either way, you are not using data and can get prepared for the wrestling event in the back of the cab.

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