3 Surprisingly Dirty Things In Your Home Your Maid Service Will Clean

27 August 2015
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If you are short on time and cannot keep up with all the housecleaning tasks your home requires, it might be time to hire a maid service. Not only will a maid service dust, vacuum, and mop, but they will also recommend cleaning some areas in your home that are dirtier than what you might think or things you might not have thought of at all simply because they may appear clean to you.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are great fixtures to have in a home, but they are not the type of thing you would clean every week. They can be hard to reach, and they are often out of mind because they are above you. The problem is that ceiling fans can be extremely dirty, and they can spread this filth into your home while they are running.

Ceiling fans tend to accumulate dust on them, but this dust is not the only thing you might find on a ceiling fan. Bacteria and other types of allergens might also be residing on the blades of the fan, and these items will also get spread throughout your house.

The maid service you hire may recommend cleaning your fans once a month, but they would also be willing to clean them more often if you would like. A method they may use for cleaning ceiling fans involves the use of a pillowcase. The worker could place a pillowcase over his or her hand and place a mixture of water of vinegar on the pillowcase. This would remove all the dust and bacteria that might be present.

Coffee Pot

If you rely on drinking coffee every morning, your maid service might suggest thoroughly cleaning your coffee pot for you every couple weeks. A typical coffee machine has two components — the decanter and the reservoir. While you might occasionally clean the decanter, how often do you clean the reservoir?

Many people never think to clean the reservoir because it seems like this component would be clean already, but it's not. The reservoir is a breeding place for bacteria, and if you see slime in your reservoir, it is probably some type of bacteria or mold.

One of the best ways to clean a coffee pot and reservoir is with vinegar. Four cups of vinegar should be poured into the reservoir, and the vinegar should be left in there for at least 30 minutes. Then the coffee pot can be run. This will clean the reservoir and other internal parts of the coffee machine, but it will also leave the machine smelling like vinegar. To eliminate the smell, fresh water should be run through the cycle two or more times. This will help remove the smell of vinegar from the machine and will leave it clean and safe to use.

Home Electronics

Despite what you might think, home electronics can be some of the dirtiest things inside your home. This includes laptops, computers, cellphones, and remote controls. These items may not look dirty, and you might never think about cleaning them, but you should.

These types of items are things you and other family members touch each day. Any germs on your hands can spread to these items, and you should ask your maid service to clean them for you. Your maid service can clean them with antibacterial wipes or alcohol wipes, and they should be cleaned on a weekly basis.

Certain things in a home may look clean at first glance, but a good maid service company knows they are not. This is why they will offer tips and suggestions for cleaning tasks in your house, and they will allow you to choose which services you would like them to perform. Find more information about how to make your house cleaner and safer by talking to a company that offers maid services.