6 Ways To Minimize Disruption While Relocating Your Office

19 February 2015
 Categories: Business, Articles

Moving your place of business to a new location can be an exciting opportunity, but it can also lead to disruption in the among employees. If you're like most business owners, you want to make sure your profit loss is minimized due to disruptions during your move – here are six ways to do just that:

Provide Plenty of Packing Time

Taking the time to pack is essential, but it can take a noticeable amount of man-hours away from your company's productivity. Instead of having employees spend a full day or two packing up their work belongings for the move, provide 30 minutes of packing time a few days during the week leading up to the move. This will give employees plenty of opportunity to pack their things without having to do it off the clock, and minimize production loss on a day-to-day basis.

Transfer Employees in Shifts

Not much work can get done when everyone is moving into the new space at the same time, so consider moving employees over in shifts. Plan to make the move during a weeklong time period once your new place is ready to move to. When just a couple of people are getting used to the new place at a time, your other employees can maintain productivity at the old place until it's time for their move. By the time the last group of people move into the new office, those who moved in first should be up to par on their own productivity.

Ask for a Little Input

One of the best ways to keep employees' morale up during the move so their productivity and quality does not dwindle is to ask for some input about the move. Have your employees fill out a survey to find out:

  • How they prefer their cubicles or work stations situated.
  • What type of lighting they prefer to work under.
  • Amenities they'd like to see in the workplace and kitchen.

This information will help you setup and design the new space to provide the optimized support and resources your employees need in order to flourish in their new settings.

Have the Place Cleaned More Often

Your office space more than likely harbors dust, mites, and other allergens within it, especially behind boxes and furniture that has not been moved in awhile. Once things start to get moved around the office, these allergens can cause reactions in employees requiring them to miss work. To keep employees healthy and working, schedule a cleaning service to come in and disinfect your office on all days furniture, equipment, or large items are to be moved around or out of the space. It's also a good idea to use a portable air filtering system in the office while the move takes place.

Hold a Couple of Meetings

To ensure everyone stays on the same page throughout the move so it goes smoothly, consider holding a couple of company meetings a few weeks before the move.  This will give you a chance to provide outlines of the moving plans and timelines, and offer your employees an opportunity to ask questions or voice concerns they might have. This will also enable to you to work as a team and iron out all the details in terms of changes in workload and office hours.

Do an After-Hours Move

You can avoid losing any precious production time by having your moving company transport, deliver, and setup your office equipment during hours when your office is not open. Weekend days or weeknights are optimal options to minimize the disruption your employees experience during working hours.

These methods and techniques should help you keep your business on track so once your move is complete, you can get back into full-on action. Check out sites like http://www.midwestmoving.com for more info.