When Shopping For Commercial Business Insurance, There's More Than Pricing

7 January 2015
 Categories: Business, Articles

There are many factors to look at when buying commercial business insurance. While most people view cost as the most influential variable in their decision to purchase an insurance policy, it hardly tells them how satisfied they're going to be with the coverage. This article discusses what you should consider when shopping for commercial business insurance. 

Does your insurer use outsourcing services?

Many insurers outsource some of their operations to save on costs, and ultimately increase overall efficiency. Before signing an insurance contract, you need to ask the insurer how it usually handles claims. Is this aspect of its business being handled by a third-party? Does it have its own team of claims representatives? If the answer to the second question is yes, then you can clearly expect a higher quality of services. This is because the claims representatives that work for the insurer will be more dedicated to keeping you happy, as they will want to maintain the ongoing business relationship that they have with you.

Another similar question that you may ask the insurer is whether it has a network of garages. This is very important from the point of view of the guarantees that you'll get from the mechanics that your vehicle won't experience any breakdown anytime soon.

Does the proposed coverage truly fit your needs?

As you might know, having commercial business insurance is a federal requirement for all businesses using vehicles for their daily operations. Yet, the government doesn't provide any guidelines about the ideal level of coverage since each business has its own characteristics. When looking for policies, you should make sure that:

  • Both drivers and passengers are being included
  • All your drivers have excellent DMV's records
  • The different types of shipped goods are being included
  • The routes that your drivers use to make deliveries are taken into account

If you're in the package delivery business, then you probably won't need to add passengers when calculating the coverage premiums. However, if you're in the cab industry, then you'll have to. Another thing to consider before choosing the right policy is the impact of drivers' records on the premiums levels. Records are available to employers via the DMV. Then, you should have an idea of the kinds of goods that your customers usually ship, and make sure that these are covered by the policy. Finally, the routes by which your drivers go should also be factored in.

What other services does the insurer offer?

There are two specific services that should come in mind:

  • Rental vehicle services
  • 24/7 availability

Depending on the sector in which you're operating, you might only have 1-2 vehicles capable of handling a large volume of shipped goods. Since no one is exempt from accidental breakdowns, you might want to make sure that your insurer can provide you with a replacement vehicle to deliver your client's package, if fixing your vehicle's problem will take longer than anticipated. After all, you don't want to find yourself in the position where you can't fulfill the pledge you made to the client since it can negatively affect your company's reputation. In addition, insurers that can be reached at any moment are valuable business partners since they are always available regardless of your work schedule. Companies that are in the delivery business rarely operate on the standard 9-5 schedule because delivery requests can be made anytime.

When shopping for commercial business insurance, you should carefully click here for more info about and analyze how an insurer distinguishes themselves from the others. Doing so will give you a better idea of why you should buy one of its policies, rather than making a pricing-based decision.