Four Reasons To Hire A Part Time CFO Service For Your Company

25 October 2021
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Ensuring that your company's financial management needs are being met can be a critical operation for avoiding cost overages and losses due to poor practices. A CFO can be a valuable position for addressing these needs. For mid-sized businesses, it may not make sense to hire a full-time CFO to join the company, but there are part time CFO services that can help to fill this need. Stay Flexible With Part Time CFO Services Read More 

Understanding Types Of Property Liens

15 September 2021
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A lien is a type of loan that is connected to the house, and they come in many forms. Regardless of the type of lien, however, a lien follows the home, not the homeowner, which can make selling difficult. If you would like to know more, check out these three common types of property liens. 1. Tax Lien Tax liens may include property taxes or federal taxes that you have yet to pay. Read More 

Invitation Supplies And Preparation And Organization Techniques

9 August 2021
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If a few special events are coming up that you plan on hosting group celebrations for, purchasing a series of paper products and a desktop organizer will help you prepare and organize each batch of invitations. An Informal Or Impromptu Event If you will be throwing together a gathering quickly and will only be inviting a few close family members and friends, invitations can either be written out on stationery or on card sheets that each contain a blank field for handwritten details. Read More 

How To Know It’s Time To Visit A Propane Tank Dealer For A Refill

30 June 2021
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It can be hard to know when you need a refill on your propane tank. You may have some idea if your tank is running low, but there are actually many reasons why a propane tank might need to be refilled. Knowing when it is time for a refill can save you money and prevent inconvenience. The last thing anyone wants is to run out of propane—especially in the winter. Here are some signs that show you need to visit a propane tank dealer for a refill. Read More 

Which Mold Test Should You Get?

21 May 2021
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Mold testing is an important service that can help inform you on how best to keep your home in good condition. Whether you are looking to sell your home or just wanting to prevent any potential health hazards, mold testing should be done whenever you suspect something growing in your house. But there are a few things you should know about mold testing before you make your decision so that it is as informed as it possibly can be and you make the right choice. Read More